Our Services

Zarpac possesses an expertise that encompasses a wide range of automated production experiences and solutions, whether at the warehouse, the packaging line or at distribution centres. Our expertise also covers challenges faced by converters and blow-molding companies. Many of our tools and templates are unique and proprietary to us and our customers.

Electrical/Controls Engineering

We have the in-house capability of electrically and mechanically integrating all aspects of functionality and data acquisition to ensure a seamless connection of all components and elements.

Automation & Servo Control
From DC motors and controllers to AC motors and VFDs motors to most types of servos, we can address your automation and drive needs.

Electrical Design & Controls
From your substation to MCC to main panels to distributing and controls to HMIs, motors, sensors, instrumentation and solenoids, our people have the experience and depth to fulfill your needs.

PLC Programming
Our people have the in-house capability of programming PLCs from Allan Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi and most types of HMIs.

Electrical Safety Audits
We have protocols and procedures on how to do an in-plant safety audit on packaging machinery and systems such as PSRs (Ontario) to ensure that your operation is within your specifications and in compliance with regulations.

PackML Training Courses
Many companies have difficulties in understanding and implementing PackML; we have in-house experts who can help you in programming your machines or systems or who can train your people to become proficient in this emerging area of programming harmonization as well as that of machine and production system integration.