Why Zarpac?

Excitement! We work on interesting and challenging projects around the world. Whether modifying and improving existing production lines or developing, designing and commissioning new complete lines, our work is always challenging.

Distinction! Our team members come from all walks of life. We are here to build each other up and succeed as a team. Whatever your talents and abilities, you'll add to our richness and flexibility.

Work Environment! Our firm is team-centred with a casual work environment, based on treating all as responsible and professional.

Knowledge! You will be impressed with the technical competence of peers, mentors, and managers. Some of our people have written books and given seminars at international trade shows.

Meaning! Our people appreciate and encourage quality work. What we do has relevance in the world of today and tomorrow and makes a real impact in the business of our customers.

Stability! We are a stable company in a niche specialization. Our management team is approachable and makes decisions based on hands-on involvement throughout the company.

Compensation/Advancement! We believe in performance-based merit and advancement; hard work and dedication are valued.

Flexibility! Our team uses a flexible management philosophy, providing guidelines and principles, not just policies. From time to time, we work independently or in teams depending on project needs.