How ZARPAC Delivers OEE Optimized Packaging Lines

ZARPAC has completed over 2,400 packaging line design, engineering and turnkey integration projects. Our track record of success, our continued growth and our book of repeat customers are driven by our distinctive expertise and experience with OEE optimized, integrated turnkey packaging lines.

World class packaged goods manufacturers understand the importance of maximum line OEE. They understand that an operating efficiency loss of just 10% can translate into tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue.

The financial impacts of lost productivity are simply too great to ignore.

How do we design and deliver OEE optimized packaging lines?

  1. We guarantee customers avoid the pain of the Five Deadly Mistakes of Turnkey Packaging Line Integration.
  2. We understand that packaging line design is a science, not an artform.
  3. We use validated packaging line design tools that replace opinions and conventional wisdom with precise calculations of line performance based on a line’s layout and the equipment in it.
  4. We know nothing is more valuable to our customers than the line productivity and the ROI delivered by OEE optimized production lines.
  5. We are a team of engineers and project managers that are packaging line design, packaging line optimization and packaging machinery specialists. We are not architects, civil engineers or construction contractors that offer turnkey packaging lines as add-ons to their core AEC business.

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