About Us

ZARPAC, along with ZPI and Statera are part of ProMach's Systems & Integration business line. This strategically important group within ProMach is dedicated to supplying services and systems that help optimize the performance of packaging lines for a virtually unlimited range of packaged goods.

ZARPAC, based in Oakville, ON, began operations in 1989 as an engineering services company focused exclusively on packaging automation. Our initial clients were H.J. Heinz and Proctor & Gamble. Zarpac's early successes with custom engineering services for packaging equipment attracted new customers and new challenges and the business evolved to have a focus on turnkey packaging lines, engineering services and custom design build packaging machinery.

ZARPAC joined ProMach in 2016 and in 2020 its software division, ZPI and its conveyor and robotics business, Statera became standalone brands within the ProMach family.

Since opening our doors in 1989 ZARPAC has completed over 2,400 packaging line design, engineering and turnkey packaging line integration projects. ZARPAC is a recognized industry leader in the packaging industry, and we have distinctive expertise and experience with OEE optimized, single-source, turnkey packaging lines.

ZARPAC has completed packaging line related projects for hundreds of companies in over twenty different countries. Our customers range from global Fortune 50 retail packaged goods manufacturers to single location family owned businesses.

Here is a quick summary of our references:

  • 2,400+ completed projects
  • Seven of the nine packaged goods manufacturers in the Fortune 50 are ZARPAC customers
  • Eighteen of the thirty-three packaged goods manufacturers in the Fortune 500 are ZARPAC customers
  • Hundreds of small to medium sized packaged goods manufacturers have worked with ZARPAC on a wide variety of projects
  • Industries we have served include personal care, household cleaning products, ready-to-drink beverages, spices and seasonings, prepared foods, condiments, commercial cleaning products and agricultural chemicals.

ZARPAC is a dedicated team of packaging line design, packaging line optimization and packaging machinery experts. We are specialists and we understand the value of having packaged goods production lines running at rated speeds and at maximum efficiencies.

Bottom-line focused packaged goods manufacturers understand the importance of maximum line operating efficiencies. They understand the value of steady state production and reduced changeover times. They understand that a line operating efficiency loss of just 10% can translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue.

And they understand that the details matter.

If you would like to learn more about ZARPAC and our Turnkey Packaging Line solutions, please e-mail us at ZARPAC@ProMachBuilt.com.