Front-end Engineering Studies

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A ZARPAC Front-end Engineering Study (F-EES) is a documented analysis and assessment of the estimated cost, projected timeline, risks and feasibility of a full or partial packaging line project.

F-EES are prepared by ZARPAC engineers and project managers with extensive expertise in packaging machinery and packaged goods manufacturing processes.

They provide a blueprint for a potential project that can help a customer evaluate and justify a potential project or accelerate the execution of an approved project.

When a project starts with a ZARPAC Front-end Engineering Study (F-EES) it begins on a solid foundation.

Every ZARPAC F-EES begins with specifications and production requirements provided by the customer. A list of study requirements can include hundreds of specific items but at a minimum it includes the products, the types and sizes of primary packages, the types and sizes of secondary packages, and the production speeds for every container to run on a line.

With the project and study requirements in hand, our team of experienced packaging line engineers and project managers go to work. When their work is completed the customer gets a blueprint and game plan for their project.

We do the work. Your team gets to remain focused on getting product out the door.

ZARPAC customers use F-EES to:

  • Assist with project feasibility evaluations
  • Identify and evaluate project risks and the options for mitigating those risks
  • Develop and evaluate line layouts and options
  • Identify staffing requirements and material flow issues
  • Develop project costs and timelines
  • Develop annual capital budgets
  • Prepare packaging line project proposals and justifications
  • Develop Request For Proposals (RFP) for submission to potential vendors
  • Assist customer buying teams evaluate and select equipment

ZARPAC Front-End Engineering Studies are available in three customizable packages which are designed to accommodate different types and sizes of projects and budgets. Regardless of the study scope and budget chosen by the customer, F-EES from ZARPAC are a cost effective first step in any successful packaging line project.

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Features & Benefits
  • A la Carte Study DeliverablesCustomers define the scope and deliverables of each analysis to fit their specific needs and budgets. ZARPAC F-EES address the unique requirements of each customer or project.
  • Accurate Budgetary Project CostsAll budgetary costs and vendor quotes are reviewed for relevance and accuracy
  • Realistic, Experienced-based Project SchedulesEliminates the added costs of delays and late start-ups. Executable, real-world project schedules are built around what can happen and when, rather than what might or could happen. Realistic project schedules based on similar real-world project experience are key to accurate business planning and ROI calculations.
  • Validated Packaging Line Design Tools For OEE OptimizationProprietary ZARPAC packaging line design tools help ensure line layouts and equipment selections deliver optimum OEE and line productivity. ZARPAC personnel will use up to a dozen proprietary packaging line design tools to precisely calculate right-sizing for line layouts, optimum machine speeds, optimum machine placements, optimum conveyor speeds, and optimum accumulation capacities. Our proprietary tools replace the guess work, the opinions and conventional wisdom used by other suppliers with validated formula-based tools that convert production line requirement inputs into practical design criteria.
  • Fast Study ExecutionOur team-based approach can produce quoted deliverables in 4 to 8 weeks depending on the project scope.
  • Single Source AccountabilityZARPAC is solely responsible for the analysis and all deliverables which enables your staff to focus on their day to day responsibilities.
  • Studies Completed By Multi-disciplinary TeamsDedicated ZARPAC engineers, project managers and packaging line designers are assigned to each F-EES. The team approach assures each deliverable is reviewed and evaluated from multiple perspectives which translates into completeness and accuracy.
  • Thorough, Comprehensive Site ReviewsAssures proposed line layouts are feasible within the planned facility and that site preparation cost estimates are accurate.

Companies of all types and sizes, from members of the Fortune 50 to single location family businesses routinely use our Front-end Engineering Studies.

Our primary contacts within those companies are engineering managers, project managers and operations managers that need to start the planning process for a new packaging line or for upgrading or modifying an existing packaging line.

Our customers understand new packaging line projects that get off on the wrong foot never recover. They also understand the serious, negative financial impact that a poorly designed packaging line will have on their business.

A growing number of customers also simply lack the staff or engineering experience and expertise required to plan, design and implement a new packaging line.

That is where ZARPAC can help.

We bring deep packaging equipment, packaging line design, packaging line integration, and project management expertise to our customers.

We become extensions of customer teams and we provide expert engineering and project planning support without adding headcount.

Our repeat customers tell us that our F-EES consistently provide a valuable, fact-based foundation for new packaging line projects. They also tell us that our team of engineers and project managers routinely identify issues that their teams would never have considered. Our experts are highly regarded for answering questions that weren’t asked but should have been.

Customers also rely on our F-EES because our dedicated team approach can complete an analysis much more quickly than internal resources with time consuming day-to-day responsibilities.

Bottom line, they value our ability to help them build a solid foundation for their packaging line projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To learn more about our Front-end Engineering Studies, please e-mail us at

Since 1989 our team of engineers, designers and project managers has completed several thousand packaging line design, integration and installation projects.

In the course of these projects we have requested and received countless quotes for hundreds of types and brands of packaging related equipment. We have purchased and installed thousands of machines and miles of conveyor. We have measured, tracked, recorded and saved performance data for the lines we have designed and the machines running in them.

As a result, we have assembled an extensive Resource Library, which our team uses and updates on a daily basis. This library includes:

  • Machine quotes, by machine type, brand and model
  • Machine lead time and delivery performance by brand
  • Machine performance data by type, brand and model (e.g. speeds, operating efficiencies, mean times to recover, and mean times between failures)
  • Machine specifications, by machine type, brand and model
  • Packaging Line Design Tools (click here for more details)

These resources make it possible for us to respond quickly, effectively and shorten the lead time for a wide variety of deliverables.