Automated Packaging Equipment For Completely New-to-the-Market Products

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What does a company do when they have a new product, with new primary or new secondary new package or both, and the equipment needed to efficiently produce it just doesn’t exist?

What does a project manager do when their Request For Proposal (RFP) for equipment to produce a completely new product is met with a chorus “thanks, but no thanks”?

For over 25 years packaged goods manufacturers have turned to ZARPAC for custom machine design build solutions.

In situations where others say no, we strive to find a way to say yes.

We have extensive experience designing, building and commissioning one of a kind or first of its kind packaging equipment. Our custom equipment customers range from global Fortune 50 retail packaged goods manufacturers to small privately held companies. Our experience spans over a dozen market segments including laundry products, household cleaning products, personal care products, cosmetics, wine and distilled spirits.

Our successful track record in custom design build packaging equipment is based on four capabilities that together set ZARPAC apart from the rest of the packaging equipment industry:

  • Validated, proprietary stage gate design build process
  • Extensive packaging machinery engineering and design build expertise
  • Proof of Principle (POP) Automation Lab
  • Proof of Principle testing using our POP Automation Lab

Our stage gate design build process combined with Proof of Principle testing are designed to accomplish two important things:

  1. Knock out projects that either cannot be successful or that cannot be successful at any reasonable expense, and
  2. Provide empirical proof that a proposed automation design and technology will be successful.

Both of these outcomes virtually eliminate the risk of failure before a customer invests in capital equipment. Our approach translates into “no” means “no-way” and “yes” means “we can do it”.

Using our proprietary stage gate design build processes and proof of principle (POP) testing process we find a way to say yes to approximately 50% of the projects presented to us.

When a project has positive POP test results and it has successfully navigated our stage gate process and the customer issues a purchase order, our success rate is 100%. We are proud of this track record and we appreciate the years of repeat business this performance has generated from custom design build customers.

We look forward to learning more about your challenging packaging application and to finding a way to say yes to your project.

To learn more about our custom packaging machinery design and build capabilities, please e-mail us at

ZARPAC's Portfolio of Custom Design Build Packaging Equipment
  • Custom case packers for pouches, cartons, bottles and tubs
  • Tandem case packers with independent operation for non-stop production
  • Combination case packer palletizers
  • Custom capping systems with under the cap scoop placement
  • Integrated packaging systems for disposable floor mops including tub de-nesting, product loading, cleaning solution filling, tub sealing and lid application
  • Integrated assembly system for cleaning sheet booklets
  • Robotic picking systems
  • Robotic de-casers and unscramblers.
  • Robotic puck loaders
  • Robotic palletizers