Cup, Tub, Pail & JIB Lines

Cups For Shelf Stable & Refrigerated Foods
Cups For Shelf Stable & Refrigerated Foods

Zarpac has over twenty-five years of experience designing, integrating and installing full or partial packaging lines for products packed in cups, tubs, pails and JIBs.

Since completing and commissioning our first lines for these applications we have successfully completed over sixty (60) complete or partial cup, tub, pail and JIB line projects as well as over one-hundred related engineering support projects for companies in over twenty countries around the world.

These projects have supported plastic and composite containers with and without handles in a wide range of shapes including rounds, ovals, squares , rectangles, tapers and scrounds.

Multiple tub and pail projects have required innovative technologies for both filling and secondary packaging. As part of several of these turnkey projects, Zarpac also designed and built custom packaging machinery for new product applications including tandem case packers for non-stop operation and a complete manufacturing line for filling and packaging tubs containing premoistened sweeper pads for a leading disposable floor mop product line.

Tubs With Induction Seals & Overcaps
Tubs With Induction Seals & Overcaps

Cup sizes have ranged from 4 oz. (113 g) to 8 oz. (226 g) with line speeds up to 1,600 cpm.

Tub & pail sizes have ranged from 10 oz. (295 mL) to 5-G (18.9L ) and implemented line speeds have ranged from 20 to 300 cpm.

JIB (Jug-In-Box) sizes have predominantly been 35 lb. plastic jugs in corrugated carriers with line speeds from 10 to 35 cpm.

Industries we have served and continue to serve include:

  • Disposable Wet Floor Mops
  • Facial Wipes
  • Facial Creams
Pails With Handles For Food & Non-food Products
Pails With Handles For Food & Non-food Products
  • Automotive Lubricants
  • Industrial Floor Care
  • Industrial Cleaners
  • Paints & Sealants
  • Infant Formula
  • Applesauce, Dips & Other Shelf Stable Food Products
  • Edible Oils

Technology requirements for these lines have included:

  • Rotary, inline and multilane inline filling systems
Jug-In-Box (JIB) For Edible Oils & Other Pourable Products
Jug-In-Box (JIB) For Edible Oils & Other Pourable Products
  • Volumetric pump, piston, flow meter & net weight filling technologies
  • Induction sealing with overcaps
  • Multipack cartoning & case packing

Our cup, tub, pail and JIB customers range from a global Fortune 50 retail packaged goods manufacturer to single location family owned businesses.

Our performance has earned us an enviable book of repeat business as well as great references.

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