Turnkey Packaging Line Solutions

Zarpac, which joined ProMach in 2016, has completed over 2,400 packaging line design, engineering and turnkey integration projects. Zarpac is a recognized packaging industry leader, and we have distinctive expertise and experience with OEE optimized, single-source, turnkey packaging lines.

Zarpachas completed packaging line integration and engineering projects for hundreds of companies in over twenty different countries. Our customers range from global Fortune 50 retail packaged goods manufacturers to single location family owned businesses.

Here is a quick overview of our references:

  • 2,400+ completed projects
  • Seven (7) of the nine (9) packaged goods manufacturers in the Fortune 50 are ZARPAC customers
  • Eighteen (18) of the thirty-three (33) packaged goods manufacturers in the Fortune 500 are ZARPAC customers
  • Hundreds of small to medium sized packaged goods manufacturers
  • Industries served include personal care, household cleaning, ready-to-drink beverages, spices and seasonings, prepared foods, condiments, commercial cleaning products and agricultural chemicals.

We take pride in being packaging line design, packaging line optimization and packaging machinery experts. We are specialists and we understand the value of having packaged goods production lines running at rated speeds and at maximum efficiencies. Our long track record of successful projects is the direct result of technical expertise supported by packaging line design tools that deliver lines that consistently operate at maximum Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

World class packaged goods manufacturers understand the importance of maximum line OEE. They understand that a line operating efficiency loss of just 10% can translate into tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue. The financial impact of lost productivity is simply too great to ignore.

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If you would prefer to be contacted by a Zarpac representative please e-mail us at ZARPAC@ProMachBuilt.com.

ZARPAC provides single source, turnkey project management services for fully integrated complete and partial packaging production lines.

ZARPAC is dedicated to helping customers avoid the costly downtime and lost productivity caused by the 5 Deadly Mistakes of Packaging Line Design & Integration.

Packaging Line Design Is A Science, Not An Artform, and ZARPAC Delivers High Performance To Customers By Relying On Validated Packaging Design Tools, Not Opinions and Conventional Wisdom

A service that includes setting-up, operating and commissioning a complete packaging line in a ProMach facility prior to shipment to its permanent home

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an objective and comprehensive process for identifying and understanding the sources of packaging line downtime

ZARPAC integrated packaging lines are designed to insure there is zero downtime caused by the line layout, the line design, the placement of machines in the line or by the line controls system and programming.

Successful turnkey packaging lines require specialized support during the hand-off process and the start of normal operations.