Sauce & Dressing Industry

Integrated Turnkey Packaging Lines

Zarpac is committed to finding customized solutions to fit the needs of our
customers. Our team brings vast knowledge and experience working within the sauce and dressing market. We can help you simplify your packaging processes to maximize product quality and overall manufacturing efficiencies through our single source, turn-key design, and project management services.

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Zarpac can support many sauce and dressing packaging types.

What applications can Zarpac support?

Our team can support various applications suited for your sauce and dressing lines. After evaluating your project, our team can provide a tailored solution that meets your needs. Zarpac will utilize the best application for your project, including ProMach brand and non-ProMach applications. Below, you can find noteworthy applications from ProMach brands suited for the sauce and dressing market.

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Overview of sauce and dressing applications ProMach can support.

Zarpac and the ProMach Sauce & Dressing Solutions team can support a variety of applications.

Blending & Processing

  • Staco-DSI is a leader in providing comprehensive support to manufacturers of dressings, condiments, and sauces. Staco-DSI handles every facet of your production process, starting from bulk ingredient receiving and precise recipe-based blending, food safety innovation, improved production rates, and can positive return on your investment.


  • Our lineup of filling product brands, including Modern, Federal, and Pacific, offer comprehensive support to manufacturers of dressings and sauces, covering a broad spectrum of filling needs. Our brands cater to every aspect of your production process, from streamlined inline and efficient rotary filling to precise net gravity and volumetric filling solutions.

Film Sealing, Bags, Backpacks, Sachets and Capping

  • Zalkin takes the lead as the specialist in high-performance capping and cap handling systems. Zalkin offers a comprehensive range of capping solutions that are efficient and durable and prioritize safety. Additionally, Matrix is the industry expert in vertical form, fill, seal technology, and pre-made pouches, stick packs, and sachets.

Product Labeling

  • P.E. Labellers, Axon, and ID Technology are here to assist customers in the dressings and sauces industry. High-speed decorative labeling, tamper-evident sleeving, and coding ensure that your dressings and sauces are presented with visual appeal. We offer cutting-edge technology for shrink sleeve application and tamper-evident banding, ensuring product integrity.

Case Packing, Cartoning, Multi-Packing, Palletizing, and Stretch Wrapping

  • ProMach product brands specialize in a range of critical functions that ensure the seamless and efficient final steps of your production process. From case packing and sealing to seamless secondary conveying, our expertise spans every step of the packaging journey. Further enhancing our offerings, we excel in case palletizing and pallet stretch wrapping, ensuring that your products are secured for transit and storage with the utmost care. ProMach is committed to ensuring your dressings and sauces are prepared for market presentation and distribution efficiently and precisely.