Vertical Line Start-ups & Pre-shipment Commissioning

Who can install a complete packaging line, turn it on and begin production within a few hours?

We can.

ZARPAC offers complete Pre-shipment Packaging Line Commissioning as part of a turn-key packaging line project. In this process the entire packaging line is set-up and run in a ProMach facility in the precise layout to be used at the destination production facility.

This process lays the foundation for Vertical Packaging Line Start-ups in which a complete packaging line begins production within a few hours of installation.

Production Ready Start-ups & Pre-shipment Packaging Line Commissioning services offer a distinctive value proposition for customers requiring expedited start-ups.

Pre-shipment Packaging Line Commissioning includes every piece of equipment, every inch of conveyor and the full controls system. When everything is good to go, we run the specified production speeds.

Real product. Real primary packaging. Real secondary packaging. Real line operation.

When the line is ready, we complete the customers’ factory acceptance testing (FAT) protocol. In the process we can even train entire shifts of operators and maintenance personnel.

Upon successful completion of the FAT the line is disassembled in segments, and each segment is skidded for shipment.

By breaking the line down in skidded segments, with each segment wired for quick connect disconnect, installation of the line in the customer’s facility is simplified and start-up is expedited.

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Features & Benefits

Identify and resolve issues prior to installation and start-up.

Reduces ramp-up time to steady-state full production.

Minimize financial and inventory impacts of lost production when replacing an existing packaging line.

For projects that involve removing an existing packaging line and replacing it with a new line, vertical start-ups can save millions $$$ in lost production. Installation of the new line can begin as soon as the old line is removed and required utilities have been installed.

Rapid start to pay-back process.

Packaging line begins generating revenue, and providing a return on the investment, within days of installation.

Identity and resolve challenges with new packaging applications, new packaging types and new packaging materials prior to start-up.

Unforeseen challenges are identified and resolved on our shop floor, not yours which reduces risks and expenses associated with launching totally new product applications.

Assures access to skilled and experienced commissioning resources

Reduces installation and start-up risks in areas, locations or facilities that lack the technical expertise to complete the implementation of a new packaging line.

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