What Is Packaging Line Integration?

In the packaged goods industry packaging line integration is generally described as the process of designing, assembling, connecting, programming and commissioning a production line for packaged goods.

As a leader in the industry ZARPAC takes the definition of integration to the next level by adding a critical Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) performance commitment that no other vendor provides.

In a ZARPAC turnkey integrated packaging line, downtime caused by the line layout, the line design, machine placements within the line or from the controls system and programming is eliminated. In a ZARPAC designed lines the root cause sources of downtime are related to the operation and performance of individual machines and components in the line.

Why is an OEE performance commitment important?

Because anyone can provide a packaging line by installing equipment and connecting it together with conveyor. Nothing could be easier.

What is challenging, however, is designing lines that consistently deliver optimized OEE performance levels.

Achieving the ultimate goal of optimized OEE line performance is our sole mission in every turnkey packaging line design, integration and implementation project.

That means the line layout, design and controls are not responsible for downtime from starved machines or blocked machines, and that the line design is never the cause of downtime caused by stop-start-stop container flows.

It also means no productivity loss from below-target production speeds or from repeated slow-down and speed-up cycles.

One of the ZARPAC keys to success is our ability to protect our customers from the 5 Deadly Mistakes of Packaging Line Design & Integration! To learn more about these common mistakes and how we prevent them, click here.

We are proud of our track record of success with optimized OEE packaging lines and we have a very long list of loyal, satisfied customers that operate some of the highest productivity packaging lines in their industries.

OEE optimized packaging lines have been our single-minded focus for over 30 years. We are packaging line design and integration specialists, and we never try to be something we are not.

To learn more about ZARPAC and our packaging line design and integration services, as well as our turnkey packaging line capabilities, please e-mail us at ZARPAC@ProMachBuilt.com.

What are the symptoms of poor packaging line design and integration?

Downtime from chronic start-stop-start operation.

Lost productivity from chronic speed-up slow-down speed-up operation.

Lost productivity from inconsistent line production speeds.

Lost productivity from chronic line operation below OEE target rates.

Downtime from inadequate accumulation capacity.

Packaging lines that experience downtime from inadequate downline surge speeds required to empty accumulation tables.

Packaging lines that intermittently experience periods of high or excessive back pressure are poorly designed.

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